Who are the top 5 t20 batsmen of all time? Read to know more

T20 cricket has been one of the entertaining formats of the game. Its fast-paced format is appealing and engaging. Fans also take a lot of interest in it. Thanks to the top-notch batsmen who have contributed a lot to its growing prominence. They have adapted to the format enthusiastically. If you wish to learn further about the top 5 t20 batsmen of all time, here’s your comprehensive guide. Let’s not waste further time and read on.

#1 Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is a Caribbean all-rounder. He’s a great T20 player & a competent campaigner. Over some yesteryears, the batsman has earned his reputation as a great finisher. He brings experience to the table with 562 T20 appearances as of now. His leadership skills, combined with hard-hitting in the death-overs, are what make him a complete package. Considering his stats, he has already scored around 11174 runs from his 562 T20 appearances. And most of his runs have come when batting in a lower order.

#2 Chris Gayle

Christopher Henry Gayle is also considered the six-hitting machine. He is arguably one of the best T20 batsmen in the whole world. With an over of 14k runs, this batsman holds his record for a majority of runs in T20 games. He has earned a total of 22 centuries in the entire T20 career. He is currently above 40 years and may not be at his career’s peak. But he has already earned his reputation.

#3 David Warner

So, the next name is David Warner. An individual who is not a cricket fan also is familiar with this name. He’s considered the Australian pocket-sized dynamo. Warner is a great batsman in the entire IPL history. Being one of the valuable overseas players, his aggressiveness and ability to rotate strikes make him a significant asset to the team. Fans have seen him playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Today, he has become the one and only player to win two back-to-back orange caps. And that’s a massive achievement.

#4 Virat Kohli

Indian skipper Kohli is a gem out of all gems. And it would certainly not be an exaggeration to state that he is one of the brilliant batsmen who have the capacity to help his team win amidst challenges. He’s the best t20 batsman of all time. And time and again, fans have gotten proof of how Kohli, with his techniques, helped the team win the match. Not just in the IPL, Kohli has also been a great performer for India, even in T20Is. Today, he holds his record for a majority of runs in the T20 internationals. Even in the 90 games, the Delhi-born lad has also scored 3159 runs at a great average of over 50.

#5 AB De Villiers

He is often named Mr. 360°. He walks on the list with immense ease due to the influential batting style. He’s a Proteas star and known for the innovative shots and ability to hit the delivery at different spots in the ground. His potential to adapt to conditions & situations is quite appreciated amongst fans. And he is none other than AB De Villiers.

Though Villiers has now retired from international cricket, he shows no signs of stopping down. He plays an imperative role in the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. De Villiers has already played more than 333 games and scored more than 9318 runs, including four centuries & 69 half-centuries in his T20 career.

The list has mentioned the best t20 batsman of all time. Hopefully, you have had enough information on them in this post.


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