Follow these Steps to Win at Ludo Supreme Gold

One such game is Ludo Supreme Gold, a popular Indian board game that can feature anywhere from two to four players. Dice rolls are taken in turn by players to determine game progression.

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The childhood game that almost everyone has fond memories of. Even though they never won anything, they still found the game entertaining and exciting. To take home a winning wager is a common incentive for adult gamblers. Although the rules of this game are easy to understand, they put participants in a position where they are more likely to lose.

Just what is the objective of the Ludo Supreme Gold?

Ludo is played on a square board with the corners colored red, yellow, green, and blue. Every participant chooses a color and receives four tokens in that hue to use throughout gameplay. Ludo Supreme Gold is played on a square board shaped like a cross. Each of its three rows of arms has six unique slots.

The middle five columns are divided into colored squares, with each player’s home column corresponding to one of the five colors. Here, each participant will find their own uniquely colored beginning square. Then, at the top of each player’s home column, there is a colored triangle representing that player’s color. These triangles form a large colored square in the center of the square board. In addition, they have arrows pointing readers toward the outcome.

Playing Ludo: The Basics

Two, three, or four players can only participate in a game of Ludo at a time with help from onlookers or bystanders. Each player’s four tokens are placed face up in the starting square before the game begins.

Each of the four players’ playing fields has a corner where play begins, and this is the starting square. There will be a clockwise down-the-track race, and each player will have a turn. The player’s column does not map to the song being played. Each runner competes against the others to see who can cross the finish line first.

When a player’s token lands in the column directly beneath their home column, that person is responsible for rearranging the other players’ tokens until they are all in the final square. Each player’s turn is equaled by the number of steps they walk, which is determined by a dice roll.

Those still in the game can keep wagering to see if any open positions are in the second, third, or fourth positions. The rules must be followed precisely to have fun and choose a winner at Ludo Supreme Gold.

How To Play Ludo?

Players roll dice to determine who will go first. The player with the highest roll will initiate play. It’s up to the remaining players to decide whether they’ll participate as the second, third, or fourth players. To advance a token to the first square, a player must roll a die and amass six points.

A player may abandon one of their tokens at home if they roll a six on the dice. All the time a player throws a die, this occurs. Six can be substituted for any other number, so long as the house isn’t empty.

Players will raise or lower their tokens according to the value they roll on a die. If a player has one or more tokens that aren’t in their starting squares, they can keep moving their chosen token forward along the squares at the same rate as the value of the die they have.

If you roll a six and play a token that moves to another player’s house, that player’s game ends immediately, and you can either capture their token and win it yourself or make them return it to their home.

Defeating an opponent who has the token captured is impossible. On a player’s turn, “a block” is regarded to have been built if two tokens land in the same spot. Depending on the game’s regulations, anyone who lands on the block is immediately captured or sent back to their starting square.

As long as players stay within their home square, they are safe from attack. However, there is no way to move ahead; instead, you must wait until you roll a six on a die before continuing.

After all four of a player’s tokens have been placed inside the triangles, that player is declared the winner of the game. You may locate succeeding positions, and the others can continue playing. Adding the squares and the rules has made the game much more enjoyable.

Using Strategy to Dominate a Game of Ludo

Ludo Supreme Gold is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a good board game. Possessing a variety of strategies in a player’s back pocket increases that player’s odds of success.

The first move is to try to get rid of the board’s cash by taking turns taking it from its home base.

As a result, you will have a better chance of advancing on the board even if you have a low dice total. It would help if you prioritized finding uses for your money right away.

If you’re the only player in sight, scattering your coins about the board will give you a good idea of what you need to do to win.

If you employ this tactic, you’ll be able to block your opponents from entering their bases and therefore secure a victory. As an additional alternative, you can take an offensive stance by using a strategy called “the rule of the 7,” which is designed to eliminate the coin your opponent is now holding.

To use it, you should wait until you have a clear path to safety before launching an attack.

One such tactic is to block your opponent’s movements. As a result, your people will arrive at their homes before your opponent’s, throwing them off their game and giving you an advantage.

The safest strategy is to capture your opponent’s pieces while keeping a seven-move advantage over them.

Last but not least, be patient. Studying your opponent’s strategy and putting your chips in safe zones, such as the star formations, is crucial. Everything you’ve done thus far has put you in an excellent position to win, so long as you keep your eye on the other runners.

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